What’s on my Phone part 1

How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been pretty busy, so I apologize for not posting. But I’m back with a new topic. What’s on my phone. Everyone has a phone these days and sometimes we (yes, I’m guilty as well) are on our phones more than we are outside socializing. And I was always wondering what are other people always doing on their phones? I don’t know about you, but I do know what I’m doing on my phone so I’ve made a list. Enjoy!

1. Candy crush Saga

I’m gonna be honest, I love games. They are perfect to pass time when I have to go to work in another city and have to travel by train. And I think the first game that I installed on this phone (Samsung s6) was the popular game: Candy crush. It’s extremely frustrating, but no way that I’m gonna quit!

2. Candy crush Jelly

Guilty, another candy crush game. What can I say? You only have 5 lives so when I’m “dead” I just play another game and once I’ve past them all I can start all over again . smart right? No, it’s just an addiction.

3. Candy crush Soda

It’s on my phone, but I’m not playing this game as often as I used to. I don’t know why really, maybe because there are too many games on there that I just forget to play this one?

4. Farm heroes Saga

Also a game from KING, but this time nothing with candy but with animals and vegies. And what’s cuter than animals, nothing right?

5. Farm heroes super Saga

Basically the same as the one above but upgraded. Nonetheless, still really fun. Oh did I mention, all these games are for free? Probably the reason why I play them all.

6. Block! hexa.

A game where you have to place different kind of blocks into a figure so they’ll fit. Trust me this game is a pain in the A**. The first ones are so easy until you get further and all you can think of is ‘how is this even going to fit in there?’. I usually quit after 10 puzzles and throw my phone away angry. These apps are for relaxing, well sometimes it does the right opposite. So be prepared downloading them.

7. Disney magic kingdom.

Disney characters. Do I have to say more? Mickey, Goofy, Wally, Belle, Olaf they are all there! It’s a story game where you have to break a curse making Disney character complete certain quests. You need to wait long periods of time sometimes but it’s all worth it when you unlock a new story! This is definitely my favorite.


Which games are you playing on your Phone?
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