Blood, violence, fear – Teens that kill –

There are tons of movies and TV series about someone being murdered. CSI, NCIS, Stitchers to name a few. Even 13 reasons why can be considered a show about murder. The kids who bullied a harmless girl are murderers, indirectly. Now I’m wondering, do these TV shows and movies create new killers? Does an episode of CSI give new ideas on how to murder someone? Do teens find it interesting to murder their classmate because it seems exciting to know what happened to someone while the rest of the population doesn’t know? What’s going on in their minds to take someone’s life? Teens that kill – can they be helped?

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 A few weeks ago two 14 year old girls went missing in Holland. Both in the same week. A few days after search party’s both girls were found (not in the same place), dead. It was pretty clear that the girls were murdered, but by who? 2 boys were arrested a few days after the girls were found, a 14 year old boy and a 16 year old. According to the court, the two crimes are not related. But is that really true? The 2 girls both lived near each other, disappeared in the same week, and both suspects are teenagers. Coincidence, I don’t think so.

Ok , I can’t judge. But in my opinion, this can’t be coincidence. But anyway, the 14 year old admitted in court to sexually abusing one of them and killing her afterwards. But why? That seems to be unclear and the worst thing, the parents will never get their daughters back or their sons, but the murderer only gets 2 years in jail because he’s a kid. How unfair is that?

But back to the first question, how does someone, especially a teen, decides to rape a girl and later kill her? What’s been going on in their minds to do such a horrible crime? And can they be ‘fixed’ ? Did they watch to many crime on TV?

In my opinion. If your able to commit a crime at 14, your also old enough to face the consequences. If they are able to commit murder, there’s no way they should be coming back into society. If a teen kills, that means their mind is already broken and should no longer be a part of society anymore.

What is your opnion on Teens who kill?
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