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Oh My God, this is it! This is the end of a very frustrating, but Amazing show. Till death do us apart was the final episode ever of Pretty little liars. Every secret is revealed, A.D has a face and the liars get to live a happy ending. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t continue. SPOILER ALERT!

Okay, so everyone is bitching about the finale and I am absolutely sick of it, so I’m gonna make this a positive review of the finale of Pretty little liars and I’m not even lying. Let’s start with the beginning. The liars are sitting together, talking about life and that they have never figured out who A.D is. Jenna and Lucas do a little circus parade and then we’re with Mona looking at the snow globe. People, that whole seen with the liars was in Mona’s head. She was wondering who A.D was being at Radley 2.0. Then he/she walks in and Mona said ‘I never thought it was you.’ She didn’t see A.D but it was Wren.

 Okay, next big thing. Spencer turns around and BAM there is Mona knocking her unconscious. Or was it just A.D with another mask? Jup, it is A.D knocking the Hasting girl unconscious. We see Spencer waking up in a room being locked up. She looks at the window thinking she’s seeing her reflection but in reality she’s staring at the twin sister Alex Drake. And with that the identity of A.D has been revealed. Why is she A.D? She is jealous of Spencer having the perfect friends, family and Toby. (her back story is explained in the episode so I’m not going to write it down).

So who is A and why?

This is the most important question that the ‘fans’ can’t put together so let me explain. Mona was A in the beginning till season 2. Hating the girls to death after what they have done to her in High school. But being friend with Hannah made her realize they are not so bad after al. Then Charlotte came to town, being jealous of the family she should have had if Mr. and Mrs. Dilaurentis hadn’t sent her to Radley for being a transgender aka Charles. But Mona hating the fact that Charlotte stole her game and torturing the girls she confronted Charlotte and accidently killing Charlotte in the process. But she got her game back, until A.D visits Rosewood to avenge her sister Charlotte’s death. Alex Drake wanted revenge for everything the girls had done to her, or what she believed they had done to her. Alex Drake first came to Rosewood to torture the girls with the game to figure out who killed Charlotte. But then she saw how perfect her twin sisters’ life have been and she wanted to have that as well.

But as Jenna figured out that Mrs. Hastings isn’t talking to her daughter Spencer but to A.D recognizing A.D’s smell from the time A.D gave Jenna the End game book, she also figured out A.D’s identity and tells Toby that Spencer isn’t Spencer. When they are going to Alex’ ‘house’, Mona tells Alex she has called the police to arrest them. But if you look closely you see that when the end scene is played with Mona, her boyfriend and the Dollhouse, you see the cop was not a cop bot Mona’s French boyfriend. They took Alex and Mary Drake to France and put them in a Dollhouse. And Loser Mona isn’t Loser Mona anymore as she got her game back. Mona is Uber A, and has been for 7 seasons!

Is Mona the bad guy?

No! She just wanted her game back that Charlotte and later Alex stole from her. After season 2 she didn’t want to torture the girls anymore but she couldn’t stand the fact the she lost her game.

So to be honest, I loved this finale. No matter what anyone else says for me this was the perfect ending. Was the twin theory obvious? Ofcourse it was! In the books Allison has a twin and everyone who actually payed attention to the show could see that Spencer had two different personality’s ever since season 6b. What I don’t understand is why people wanted it to be Wren or Melissa because to me it sounds so stupid but okay, you can’t please everyone.

Oh one more thing, I read that a lot of people didn’t understand the reason of Wren being the father of the twins. It’s because Alex is psycho and couldn’t let go of Wren. So to still have something of him she made sure he accepted to be a sperm donor before Alex killed him. and why could Alex kill him but not break up with hin? Because Alex is crazy! If she just broke up with him, Wren would start a life without her and she can’t stand that so she killed him. Now she can be Spencer, have Wren close to her but still be with Toby. Psycho’s think like that so maybe I’m a psycho too?

Ask your questions below if you still have them, and I’ll answer them for you if I can 🙂


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