Pretty little liars 7×19 Farewell, my lovely | Review |

One more episode to go till the series finale, and we finally figuered out who killed Charlotte Dilaurentis. The liars have ended the game and won, but does that mean A.D is gone for good? What will the last episode of Pretty little liars be like? More reveals and most importantly, after 7 years we finally get to know why the liars have been tortured like this and who the hell A.D is!


So in all honesty, this isn’t going to be a long post. I watched the episode and I felt so confused. Maybe when I write this down, the latest episode will make more sense to me. So first, the liars have forgiven Aria for ‘betraying’ them thanks to Ezra who defended Aria even after her confession last episode.

Second, Mona killed Charlotte. They met that night and Mona threatened to kill Charlotte but didn’t do it. Then Charlotte told Mona she would always be Loser Mona and that she’s too weak to continue. But she did, even though it wasn’t her intention. They started fighting and Mona pushed her against a wall, were (un)fortunately some meta thing killed her. Mona had to make it look like an suicide so she threw her of the tower.

That means it is also confirmed that Mona isn’t A.D. Mona stole the game telling Caleb that everyone keeps stealing the game from her like A.D stole the game again during that conversation. Also, Mona received a note from A.D and like Caleb said ‘A sends notes, she doesn’t receive them.’

Mona told the liars the whole truth about Charlotte’s death her wearing her glasses and ‘loser’ clothes again. Mistakes Hannah for Charlotte saying that Hannah can’t be Hannah cause she wasn’t there the night Charlotte died. This means Mona turned back into Radley Mona, just as crazy.

The puzzle is complete and it let them to Allison’s aunt. Also, Mary Drake got arrested confessing the murder on Archer Dunhill and Jessica Dilaurentis, saving the girls including her daughter from a lifetime in prison. I guess will see everything next week, because even now after I wrote everything down, I’m still confused. But that’s nothing new watching this TV show, is it?

One more episode to go, who is A.D? I stick with Spencer.

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