Pretty little liars 7×18 Choose or loose | review |


Did we just get the big A.D reveal? One of the liars got married and another secret has been revealed. It’s definitely noticeable we’re getting closer to the end game as everything’s going faster right now. No more episode’s with new secrets or new people, but finally answers (sort of) and an ending. With 2 more episodes of pretty little liars to go, the end game is closer than ever.


First of all, one of the liars got married. Nothing fancy like you would expect from her, but a very intimate and rushed wedding. Hannah and Caleb are now officially husband and wife. It’s not that they didn’t want all of their friends to be there and a big party, but A.D has given the liars 24 hours to pick someone to go to jail for Dunhill’s murder and this way – Hannah and Caleb can’t testify against one another . But nonetheless, they finally got married * YAY *.

But before all of that happened, a new detective is taking over Dunhill’s case. Tanner is back, remember her? The woman who saved them from the dollhouse 5 years prior. She knows the liars are involved in the murder in Dunhill, but hasn’t found direct proof just yet, but that won’t take long. And guess who she suspected first: Spencer! She said something in the line of “I know your involved Spencer, I don’t know how yet but you do.” OMG, does that mean Spencer could be A.D like I suspected?

Plus 2 more people know about the A-game as well. Caleb has told Hannah’s mom and Aria told Ezra after the cops showed up at their doorstep with a search warrant. Also, Aria told Ezra about the files that could’ve sent Ezra to jail if the cops read it. So now we know what Aria was protecting her fiancée for; it was about the book Ezra wrote about the liars who were still minors at the time and not to forget that that was the reason why Aria thought Ezra was A at some point.

Does mona have a twin?

Mona or not?

But not just Ezra knows Aria’s story now, all the liars do. They have figured out with Mona’s help that Aria is working for A.D. Her being the reason why Spencer’s parents are getting a divorce and who destroyed Allison’s and Emily’s baby room. They can’t forgive Aria for being on A.D’s team but realized that they’re all to blame. They have all done something terrible.

Just when the time runs out Spencer brakes the phone and all contact between them and A.D is broken now. What will happen now? Do they just go to jail because they didn’t chose or will A.D do something even worse? Like he/she said to Aria “you’ve won the game.” But if Aria won, why did a dead body (Dunhill?) end up in Aria’s car as she is on her way to Spencer to make it up to them? And who called the police to find Aria just when her car break down? Well, she wouldn’t have found Spencer anyway because she was with Toby, not really caring about what’s going to happen next. Was this Spencer who did seem to care a lot, or was it someone else? The someone else who just said her final goodbye to Aria?

Also, as soon as the time runs out Caleb has found the location of where the game is. So he and Ezra go look for it and they found it a block away from Mona’s place. As we can see at the very end, we see Mona? Watching the board with shovels behind her and Mona is wearing her old glasses again. But why? We haven’t seen Mona with glasses in a while so does that mean she lets her geeky side come back again and is just helping the liars or is it possible it’s not Mona?

Who is A.D ?

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