My top 3 Whattpad books.

Hi guys! How is your weekend so far? Mine is pretty great, going to a concert tonight of a Dutch singer. So little time, but I decided to write something for you anyway. I just had to. Can’t keep my readers waiting now, can I? So I decided that, because I’ve been active on Wattpad since I think 2011 and I’do a top 3 of my favorite Wattpad stories. I also posted a top 3 tips on how to write fanfiction based on my Wattpad experience. Link.

Wattpad book the other McCall by simplystiles. fanfiction teen wolf.

Wattpad book The other McCall

  1. the other McCall

Kasey McCall is Scott McCall’s twin sister and also best friend of Stiles Stilinski. What happens when her twin gets bitten and becomes a teen wolf and will Stiles and hers friendship survive when she falls in love with him?

The reason I like this story is because I can really relate to Kasey. And that means, in my opinion, that the writer stayed true to her own personality which is really important to make your story believable. The other McCall is written by Sasha aka Simplystiles- on Wattpad.

slytherin princess by kirashe on wattpad

wattpad book the slytherin princess.

2. The slytherin Princess

The Slytherin Princess and The Slytherin Prince become a couple, what can go wrong?

 Really that sentence sums it all up. If you love Harry Potter you might love this story as well. It’s so easy to read, and honestly, I couldn’t stop reading and finished within 2 days. Written by Whattpad author Kirache.

the rooimate by kimmy on wattpad

wattpad book roommates


Just roommates but with all the fun. A girl that goes to college and gets a male roommate, a perverted roommate. Will she be able to resist him?

 This is typical teen story about teen problems and sex. Just like fifty shades of gray but with teens. Perfect story to just read and relax. Written by XthatONEchicX   (is Whattpad name.)


What do you think of Whattpad book? and what’s your favorite
btw: there are more books that I like, but this is my first top 3:)?


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