What’s on my Phone part 1

How is everyone’s week going? Mine has been pretty busy, so I apologize for not posting. But I’m back with a new topic. What’s on my phone. Everyone has a phone these days and sometimes we (yes, I’m guilty as well) are on our phones more than we are outside socializing. And I was always […]

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Vloggers, vloggers and more…

YouTube. Everyone has heard of it and is watching it frequently. Don’t lie, you too ;). To our Dutch YouTubers – Masha (Vloggloss & Beautygloss) , Joy (Beautynezz) &Teske. To the international YouTubers – Diana (the DianaDiaries), Jess and Gabriel Conte & POiiSED , I watch them all together with millions of YouTube fans if […]

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6 reasons why… I bought my own domain.

The most addictive TV show of 2017 if without a doubt 13 reasons why. It’s a Netflix original series and just finished its first season. I will write another blog were I’ll talk about this very successful TV show, but right now I will talk to you about why I changed this blog from wordpress.com […]

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