5 reasons to watch Freeform’s Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters: the mortal instrument is a novel written by Cassandra Clare and was first introduced on TV in 2013 starring Lilly Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower. That was the time I totally fell in love with the story about Shadowhunters hunting for demons and was totally devastated when it was announced that there wasn’t going to be a sequel. Luckily in 2015 they decided to make The mortal instruments into a TV series and it just confirmed a season 3!


 Shadowhunters follows a normal teenage girl Clary Fray who is going to an arts school in Brooklyn. Together with her best friend Simon and her mother she lives a perfectly normal life. That is until she turns 18 and her mother is being kidnapped by the Circle; a group of rogue Shadowhunters, their leader being Clary’s father Valentine.

She meets a group of Shadowhunters who tell her she possesses angelic blood which makes her a Shadowhunter as well, just like her parents. Together they try to do everything to save their mother and to save the world from demons and vampires.

5 reasons to watch Shadowhunters

  1. Shadowhunters tells of a supernatural teenage girl who goes through things a lot of teenage girls are going through. Heartbreak, dealing with their parents, insecurtity. This is what makes the show real, even though we all know vampires and werewolves don’t exists.
  2.  If you know the movie you know they had to leave out a lot of details about the Shadowworld. In the TV series they go deeper into other characters’ stories and the story itself is better told.
  3. It’s a part of a very popular book series. Not just in the US but the books are a worldwide phenomenon. That means that it’s possible that as long as the book fans also like the series will get a lot of seasons!
  4. The characters are similar to the books characters. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been told this fact. I haven’t read the books, mostly because I don’t like reading a book while the TV show is still on air.
  5. And last but not least, something we can’t ignore. It’s a very good looking cast. Kathrine McNamara with her beautiful long red hair and not a bad word about Dominic Sherwood (doesn’t Sherwood sound like a Shadowhunter’s name to you?).


What is your opinion about Shadowhunters?



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