10 tips to survive the summer heat

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Only one month till the summer officially begins, but the weather says otherwise. It started this week, gosh it’s so hot outside. And because of the heat I needed to do a few things to keep myself cool. So hear are 10 tips to survive the summer heat..


WATER! I think that’s the best and most important thing you could do to keep yourself cool and dehydrated. Cool, water with a lot of Ice cubes. Your body needs to cool down and water is in my opinion the best option to do so + it’s the healthiest solution. And yeah I admit, I like Ice tea and soda but it contains a lot of sugar. So water it is!

let's swim

let’s swim

OMG, cute bikini’s, a unicorn floaty. This weather is perfect to show your new bikini’s and follow the unicorn trend. I don’t really understand the unicorn trend, I mean why? But you can also get a pineapple floaty, ice cream, pizza slice etc. really cute AND refreshing!

ice cream

Talking about ice cream, it’s so delicious. Lemon, banana, chocolate, caramel so many different flavors and oh so good. You can eat ice cream all year but it’s definitely better when laying on the beach, baking in the sun. To cool down and a delicious treat, nothing’s better than ice cream.

AIR- conditioning

During the day you can go to the beach but what do you do when you want to sleep? When you have Air- conditioning it’s all fine but what if you don’t? What we do in our house? We have fans placed in our bedrooms, keeps the room cool as well.



When it’s hot outside and you don’t want to be active, you don’t have to! The perfect excuse to cheat and forget about being active. It will only get hotter and hotter and before you know it the heat will be to much. So don’t do it 😉


Not an ice cream or water fan? Maybe this will help you cool down. A slushy. you probably know them as the drink you throw in other people’s faces (glee ) but you can also just drink them and they are really delicious!


If it’s getting too hot, especially in the afternoon, get out of the sun! A nice tan is okay, but getting burned not so much. Plus , it’s cooler there too.


An extremely healthy treat, watermelon. It tastes good and it keeps you hydrated. What else could you possibly wish for?

dark room

Keep your room as dark as possible. That way, your room won’t get too hot because the son won’t come through. I never open my curtains when it hot outside, at least this way I won’t sweat to death.

head in fridge

Place your head in the fridge. It’s cool in there and all your favorite food is in there. Perfect place to cool down!


So these are my tips. What are yours to survive the heat.
Enjoy the summer xx





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