10 things today’s kids will never know are from the 90’s

I was born in 1995 and being a 90’s kid means I’ve seen a lot of things that kids nowadays won’t even understand or things that were a hype back then and are coming back in 2017. For example, the hype of 2016 Pokémon!. I lived in Curacao for 5 months last year and worked at a daycare with kids from 4 till 12 years old and they were, I can say shocked, that I said that when I was their age I already had Pokémon cards (I’m 21 right now). They couldn’t believe that Pokémon is really that “old”. I thought this was really funny and made a top 10 of things I just to love back in the 90’s.

  1. Pokémon
    I already mentioned it, but this is the hype in 2016/2017 in my opinion. But this isn’t the first time Pokémon was extremely popular. The technology wasn’t that great back then to have Pokémon go, mobile phones were only made to text, call and play snake (shocking right?!). But the cards were extremely popular back then as well and I can say that I was obsessed and had way to many of them.

2. Kenan & Kel and the Amanda show.
This wasn’t a hype but gosh, Nickelodeon was awesome back then. Kenan and Kel was my favorite TV show and still is. Every time it comes back on TV I’m thrilled and Nickelodeon is back on. That same thing counts for the Amanda show with Amanda Bynes when she was still a kid. In my opinion, the best TV shows on Nickelodeon were from the 90’s.

3. WordArt
No we didn’t use Photoshop to make our paper or presentation look great, we used WordArt. Different letter types and color combinations to make your project look like true art.

4. Tamagotchi
A virtual animal that you had to keep alive. You had to feed him and as soon as you forgot, well… you can imagine what happened then.

5. Chokers
Yup they are back. We used to wear them as the chokers you know them now but also as a ring, bracelet and as a band on top of our arm to make it look like a tattoo. I thought I would never see them again but I guess I was wrong as they are now just as popular or even more…

6. Ying/Yang necklace
I had them as a kid and I know a lot of people had them. But when I got a job at Claire’s I was shocked to see them again. Although they are not as popular as they used to be, kids still like them.

7. Trolls
The movie came out recently with the voices of Anna Kendrick and Phil Collins. But Trolls in the 90’s were just the dolls and I had tons of them. Lately though, I saw a woman on TLC who had a huge obsession with trolls. I guess the hype is still there with some people.

8. Discman
No Ipod, no music on phones just a simple Diskman. A music device where you could listen to a CD without anyone else hearing it.

9. Bodyglitter
This was probably the trend most moms hated. A lot of girls wanted to have bodyglitter and put in on their chest and face just like Britney Spears did. The only problem, the glitter didn’t just end up on your body, it was everywhere.

10. Gums with tattoo’s
Tasteless gums with a tattoo on the inside. and to be honest everyone hated the gums but everyone still wanted them so they could have the tattoo’s that was inside of the package.


What do you remember from the 90’s ?


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